Dr. Daniel Iaboni

Brief Biography

At the age of 29, Dr. Daniel Iaboni is making his first foray into the politics. Daniel recently completed his doctorate in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo where he has been active in the campus community for the past 10 years. With a background in human factors, Daniel is familiar with the intricacies in balancing the needs of people, technology and the environment.

If there is any specific information you would like to know about the candidate then please send us an moc.liamg|otnorot.0102.hsef#liame

Answers to Your Questions

1. What are you thoughts/ideas on the Issues?

While I have formulated my own personal ideas on what the biggest challenges facing Toronto today and how to address them, I am hesitant to post them on this site until the dialog has progressed. I do not my opinions to discourage people with contrary views from posting their thoughts and ideas. I want to remain receptive to any suggestions that have the intention of improving the quality of work and life in Toronto. A well crafted, rational argument may convince me that my views are better solutions to the problems

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