An Opportunity to Share Your Ideas

Leveraging Toronto's Collective Intellect

If you have ever complained that you do not have an opportunity to voice your opinions about how the city if Toronto is governed, then the Fresh 2010 Campaign is your chance to influence the direction that will move Toronto forwards. For the next 10 months the Fresh 2010 wiki will be available to anyone that has an idea they would like to put forward to be considered to be part of a candidates platform.

How will this Work?

The Fresh 2010 campaign is the first attempt to construct political platform and run an candidate based on the collective input on a wiki, so there may be some bumps along the way. A wiki is a live document meaning that anyone that is a member of this site can add, edit or remove information from the site. Through constructive discussion and multiple edits the ideas that are the best will rise to the surface.

The site has been structured so that all the areas for which the city of Toronto has responsibility are represented. If you have an idea for a specific topic, such as transportation, then post your idea in the respective section. If you have a idea that does not belong under any of the provided sections, then create a new page.

In the initial stage the goal is brainstorm and gather as many ideas as possible. During this stage no idea will be edited or removed, unless it is deemed offensive.

Once there is a large number of comments the first round of discussing, reviewing and editing ideas will commence. During this stage contributors are encouraged to strengthen a proposed idea by providing data to to back up arguments or claims. For example, if the idea is an to light rail transit, provide valid sources of information as to why the idea is better.

Once an idea has gone through collective review and a consensus has been reached, the candidate, Daniel Iaboni, will adopt the idea as part of his campaign platform.

Keys to Success

*Although Daniel Iaboni is candidate for Ward 19, ideas from all parts of Toronto are being solicited because the issues are not isolated by wards

*The goal is to reach critical mass so that the ideas continue to flow to whoever ends up winning the election. To achieve this goal requires a large number of people so share this site with friends and family.

*Be courtesy when discussing or providing feedback.


  • Ideas or edits that are deemed offensive will be removed
  • Daniel Iaboni does not formally endorse any of the ideas posted on the site unless indicated
  • If you need help on how to edit pages, please consult the Wikidot documents
Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License